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Cytotoxicity Testing

Cytotoxicity Testing Services

We utilize ASTM F813-83, ASTM F895-84, and ISO 10993-5 in evaluating client submitted samples/products.  The ISO 10993-5 Standard "Tests for Cytotoxicity-In Vitro Methods" presents a number of test methods designed to evaluate the biological effects of extractables from a product/materia on mammalian cell culture monolayers. In The ASTM methods, the material/product is placed in direct contact with cell culture or allowed to agar diffuse.  Cytotoxicity assays relly on the CCL-1 (L-929) cell culture line. Assessment of cytotoxicity by these method is part of the many tests used to evaluate the biological response to a material intended for medical use. Please contact us for further details and pricing.


ASTM F813-83 (1996)
Standard Practice for Direct Contact Cell Culture Evaluation of Materials for Medical Devices
ASTM F895-84 (2001)
Standard Test Method for Agar Diffusion Cell Culture Screening for Cytotoxicity