We recognize that our clients have many choices when it comes to selecting a laboratory for pathogen analysis. We are not entitled to your business simply because we provide the unique and specialized services. Rather, we strive to establish a relationship with you through which we utilize our industry knowledge to assist in reaching your goals. We aim to ease any concerns by providing the most accurate results in a timely manner, thus reducing anxiety. We are sensitive to the pressures you may experience and adhere to a strict code of ethical integrity to provide you with fully defensible and trustworthy data. We continuously work to exceed your expectations. We know our business and learn your needs. We aim to contribute to your business's long term development. We strive for excellence through our actions and deliver on our promise to you. Ultimately, we earn our success through your full satisfaction and succes.

BCS Laboratories is an established microbiological research and testing facility that incorporates a multidisciplinary team of scientists. Our laboratory specializes in the testing of environmental samples for pathogenic contaminants not typically tested by other laboratories. We also specialize in conducting studies to determine the microbial and/or chemical reduction efficacy of processes and devices for purposes of certification and registration. We tailor our services to provide customers with the most information based on standardized and novel methodologies (Link To Google Scholar Select Publications). We adhere to strict laboratory standards including those formulated for unique samples and analytical requirements. BCS Laboratories is an ISO17025:2017 accredited facility and is accredited by the State of Florida Department of Health as per The National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC / NELAP) and The NELAC Institute (TNI).

BCS is a member of the US EPA Compendium of Environmental Testing Laboratories/Environmental Response Laboratory Network (ERLN). Additionally, we are a USDA approved facility for the analysis of pathogens in soil (USDA Facility ID 2949). BCS holds permit P526 for the receipt and analysis of foreign soil and biosolids samples for pathogens (Animal Health and Plant Inspection Service Permit P526P-13-01699). BCS is a member of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Environmental Legionella Isolation Techniques Evaluation (ELITE) Program. We also hold NELAP accreditations in Georgia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Georgia, Texas, and Virginia.